One of my short stories

Murderous and creepy at the literary friends

The audience at the "La Bresca" - Short Stories
The audience at the “La Bresca”

Following the invitation of the Literature & Culture Friends, I was guest in the Restaurant La Bresca and Pedramala on November 29th and 30th to present one of my short stories from my book “Stories of a Fictitious Life”.

The event was the third part of the trilogy on short stories, the slogan was:

Murderous and scary,

so I read my story killer faces, but see for yourself … (in german)
“Killer Faces” on You Tube

A great, murderous afternoon

It was scary at the Pedramala, too
It was scary at the Pedramala, too

Beside me, a total of 7 authors and also Natascha appeared, it was a great pleasure for me to also listen to the other authors at their reading.

Special highlight was – as always – Paul Schliemann with his chicken thriller.

Here you can see the entire event on You Tube:

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