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LuitgardLuitgard-Maria Matuschka was born and grew up in Heidelberg, in the city of philosophers, but she was hungry for other worlds, the visible and the imaginable. She lived for many years in Lima / Peru, Luanda / Angola and Maputo / Mozambique.

She worked in the development cooperation in Latin America, Africa and Asia, which had greatly enriched her. Luitgard´s experiences and ideas have flown into TV soaps and television stories for African television, which was realized under her management. She had great fun and enjoyed the creative work. The stories of her book stemmed from her experiences with the different cultures; people she met and the pictures she had seen.

You find some excerpts of her work on this website and it also is possible to send her an email on the “contact” page.

Luitgard says:

The design of videos, TV series and radio programs have enriched my life and that of many people. A small selection is presented here.