My Movies, Short-Films and TV-Series

In addition to literature, my great enthusiasm is the entertainment media.

MoviesI have been active in the field of radio-, film- and TV video-design in recent years, mostly in Lima / Peru and Maputo / Mozambique. There were about 30 short and longer films – and all my pride, my passion and joy – a 10-piece puppet video series for TV. The jingle was sung and recognized everywhere and the main actor “Peixe-Peixe” became something of a star. Also in Mozambique was a 7-part TV series called As teias de Aranha which also became very popular and could be considered my biggest success. Most of these films have been broadcasted in the southern Africa region and have achieved high popularity.

Selected productions have been screened at international film days, and there have been several awards, including the Grimme Award! I worked and lived in different continents, but it started out in Peru with several short films.

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