As teias da Aranha

“As Teias da Aranha” is a seven-part TV soap and a feature film about corruption, youth and health in Mozambique.

The spider web

The Spider webIn Mozambique, HIV continues to be a big problem and it needs urgent education about this terrible threat. That’s why we, GIZ / Health Focus, have started a new HIV project. A TV soap opera called “As Teias da Aranha” – Cought in the Spider Web – was produced to address HIV, corruption, youth unemployment and health. Again, the TV station TVM could be convinced to show the series in prime time in the evening.

Consisting of a total of seven parts the series was shot and was so successful that we additonally summarized the individual episodes. Cut and made a movie for the cinema from it.

The well-known Mozambican director Sol de Carvalho had taken over the filming and has shown the film internationally.

The plot

The series is about the life of the main actress, played by Amelia Luis. The protagonist is in a relationship with an “upper macho”, played by Bresnev Matezo from whom she separates, she then begins to rearrange her life. Soon, the pretty girl is in a new relationship, but to make matters worse, she has two things to say: She is pregnant, probably from her ex-boyfriend and HIV positive! Her world collapses around her.


As already mentioned above, the series planned as a soap was so popular that we made a feature-length film for the cinema out of the material. Viewers were able to identify with the actors and the plot – almost everyone knows a person or has a relative who has similar problems.

The film was highly praised by the press and received several awards – I can say without any doubt that “As Teias da Aranha” was my biggest hit.

Here is a short excerpt from the movie

For those, who can´t speak Portuguese: This is the opening scene, in which the main actress recites a poem by the famous mozambican writer Mia Couto. The shipwreck is also legendary and its story is known throughout the country. After the title follows the scene in which Amelia gets the news that she is HIV positive; particularly impressive is the acting in the scene on the fish market.

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