Stories of a fictional life

bookMy book called “Stories of a Fictional Life” is a collection of various short stories that have accumulated over the years.

The book presents stories from different perspectives of life. They are like images of our own dreams, beautiful dreams, but also occasional nightmares. They kidnap us from everyday life and the usual normal world into the unpredictable.

Many of the shorter or longer stories play outside of Europe. They describe strange and surprising life situations. Often the stories give rise to unexpected solutions and unfamiliar perspectives. Sometimes humorous, sometimes strange.

They deal with impressions and strange encounters in non-European life. Some stories form the basis for unexpected intercultural communication. Often the encounters end in exciting minor or major misunderstandings. Sometimes they are exhilarating, sometimes you are left distraught.

A story is about children and adolescents in the war, in the threat. Historical relationships are explained from the perspective of the rural population, just as we occasionally feel and think out of our own “normality”. The big connections are trying to be judged from everyday life.

Observations of strange moments and encounters can trace the heat of Africa. They compete against common prejudices and supposed knowledge in a humorous way. One stops with amazement at being different and rubs his eyes in wonderment.

Sometimes the reader is also required to find himself in unthinkable situations again.

My book at the literary friends

In November 2017 and March 2018 my book “Stories of a fictional life” in Denia / Spain was presented with great response at Natascha’s literary and cultural friends.

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